Minister of Family, Labour and Social Services Republic of Turkey

The theme for the third “International Women and Justice Summit”, which is to being organized by the Women and Democracy Association in cooperation with Our Ministry, has been designated as “Strengthening of the Family Institution.”

The family institution that plays a key role in building of the future and in social development is the core element on which social justice, solidarity, peace and welfare are founded upon. As we have experienced,  the adverse conditions that the world is in, affecting individuals and common life; prove the necessity of giving impetus to policies on strengthening of the family. Our primary goal is to minimize and solve the problems encountered by the family and to protect its unity without ignoring the rights of the individuals.

The family has played a leading role in transferring our culture and civilization to next generations; and ensuring its continuity. It is only possible for family to continue to perform this task through strengthening of the family institution and increasing its problem solving capacity.  Today, socio-economic reasons including migration, terror, wars and poverty have become global problems that directly threaten the family institution. Besides, the changes in social structure, city culture and work life influence the very life style of family and individuals; and make women’s role within family more important than ever.

The role and importance of family institution in growth of next generations cannot be denied. Healthy functioning of family is directly associated with the efforts made and responsibilities shared by family members. At this point, every step we have taken for women’s empowerment directly increases the problem solving capacity of family; and enhances the individual and social welfare. The family-oriented model we have developed, also help ease the public responsibility of social services and assistance.

To build a prosperous Turkey, to revive a world that is worth inhabiting, and to ensure welfare and healthy living conditions for people of all ages is only possible with the existence of a strong family institution as is also stated in the sustainable development goals. On the occasion of this Summit, it is a great pleasure for me to come together on the same platform with the leaders, representatives of international organizations, academics and non-governmental organizations that make this goal visible and achievable through their family and women oriented initiatives.

As the Ministry, we are making an effort for the elimination of obstacles to women’s access to individual rights and interests in line with our goals for 2023. We continue to support women in all spheres of life, ranging from education to employment, economy to politics.

For a more just and prosperous world, I believe wholeheartedly that this meaningful Summit, in which the problems and possible solutions in relation to women and family will be discussed on an international scale, will have a positive impact upon both that of national and global policies.

I would like to thank everyone coming from different cultures and geographies of the world for participating and contributing with their knowledge, experience and efforts; particularly KADEM for bringing us together in this platform.


President of Women and Democracy Association

Distinguished Guests,

I warmly welcome everyone who shows an increasing interest in participating to the “International Women and Justice Summit”, the third of which is being organized in Istanbul this year. Inspired by our national and intangible values concerning women and family, we as KADEM have been carrying our activities since 2013 with the aim of building more fair and equitable social structure. KADEM, considering the peculiar social structure of each geography and aware that a uniform women perception cannot be imposed to different religion and cultures, seeks for sociological, psychological and cultural solutions for the problems accounted by women and the institution of family in today’s world.

We come together with state ministers from all around the world, leading names in their fields, academics and students at the International Women and Justice Summit, which is organized biennially within the scope of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, 25 November. During the Summit, we aim for improvement of human rights within the framework of women and family, analysis of relevant policies produced so far in the national and international arena, and delivery of permanent and sustainable solutions encountered in today’s life.

This year, International Women and Justice Summit will be held on November 23-24, with the main theme of “Family Empowerment” in order to discuss the different angles and the threats towards the family, as well as the empowering and reinforcing influence of family on societies.

I would like to extend my thanks to the Ministry of Family, Labour and Social Services for their contribution and support to the “Leaders’ Session” which will be held with the participation of leaders from various countries, in addition to the panels where the main  theme will be discussed multi-dimensionally at the Summit,

In today’s world where political, economic and social environments are subject to rapid changes, we would like to invite everyone to our International Women and Justice Summit under our motto “Strong Families for Strong Societies” with the purpose at making visible the contributions of the institution of family and its position in the society with policies regarding individuals

I hope that the International Women and Justice Summit brings more strength to the women in the entire world.